Material in English

Here you will find the material in English available from the National Resource Centre on Deafblindness.

 Life-adjustmentLife Adjustment – and Combined Visual and Hearing Disability/Deafblindness – an Internal Process over Time

Published 2011 | Authors: Ann-Christine Gullacksen, Lena Göransson, Gunilla Henningsen Rönnblom, Anny Koppen, Anette. Rud Jørgensen | Published by the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues

The book is a result of a study that had as objective to enhance the understanding of how life transition may look at a combined sight and hearing disability/deafblindness. Based on this knowledge, the authors contribute to a better match can be made between individual needs and surroundings support – the right support at the right time.

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DeafblindnessDeafblindness in a Life Perspective – Strategies and Methods for Support

Published 2008 | Author: Lena Göransson | Published by Region Skåne

This book is intended for everyone who wants to learn more about deafblindness, the consequences of living with deafblindness, and the specific life conditions that this impairment implies. What does everyday life look like for a person with deafblindness? How is the social life affected for a person who acquires deafblindness? What does it mean for a family to share the life with professionals? How does deafblindness influence the choice of education and profession for an adolescent? What needs to be done in order to make the geriatric care accessible to elderly people with deafblindness? In this book, the author seeks to capture individual persons’ descriptions of their life situations, and use this as a basis for developing and building up good forms for support.

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